My Love For Cake – sugar-free & protein-rich

Cassia Shakti Šamotailo


I've taken on the challenge of creating classic cheesecakes with a twist, which are gluten-free and sugar-free, vegan, full-bodied, extremely easy to make, healthy, nutritious, high in protein, and fantastically delicious! There’s a reason why I say that my favourite part of making a cake is licking my fingers!

The best part is that all the recipes in this book are simple to make and only require a food processor, a saucepan, a cake tin, and this book!

All foods can be made heatlhy and still delicious, including cakes!

Kirjastaja Paljas Porgand OÜ
Ilmumisaasta 2022
Keel Inglise
Kategooria Kokandus