The Eastern Godfather

Meelis Lao


Based on a true story that was close to never being told, "The Eastern Godfather" by Meelis Lao is a gripping journey through the criminal underworld of the infamous Russian mob. This thrilling crime novel follows the rise of Meelis Lao, a ruthless and cunning man who becomes the most influential person in the entire Eastern Hemisphere after the collapse of the Soviet Union and its aftermath. Witness the most coveted secrets about government mafia ties, string pulling, and the backroom mob deals that led to the rise of Vladimir Putin. Lao´s masterful storytelling and vivid descriptions pull readers into a gritty and morally ambiguous world, where loyalty is tested and alliances crumble. "The Eastern Godfather" is a page-turning saga of ambition, betrayal, and the thirst for power that will leave readers breathless.

Kirjastaja TEG Production OÜ
Ilmumisaasta 2023
Keel Inglise
Kategooria Biograafiad ja memuaarid